Monday, November 23, 2015

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In yesterday’s practice (Wednesday) of the Argentina national team, a strange man jumped into the soccer field and in a fraction of a second could reach to Lionel Messi. This man who looks like Ronaldinho , Lionel’s former teammate in Barcelona. 
This man, who was even wearing Lonaldinho’s shirt in Atletico Mineiro, surprised the captain of the Argentina National team. The Argentina team was exercising when they were interrupted by this weird coincidence.  A group of excited fans jump over the fence and ran toward their heroes to shake hand with them and take their autograph. Among them , there was this man who was running toward Messi, waering Ronaldinio’s shirt. Messi first thought its Ronaldinio who has come to visit him in Belo Horizente city. However he realized his has made a mistake once he got close to that guy. When the bike rider grandmother became the topic of all news in mediaThis 70 year old Scottish grandmother insists on riding her favorite bike despite of objections of her children. Although other ladies at her age are used to their retarded life, she is seeking more excitement in her life. 
She has been riding more than 30 bikes since 1961 when she got her driving license at the age of 18. She has been retarded from a company who manufactures a brand of bike and as she said, she always loved Vespa bikes and using this Italian bike. She says, she got her license after three times of giving test.She said after years of using this bike, it has become easy for her. Her children are really worried for her and say that it is better for their mother to stay with one of the children and travel in a safer car as she is very old. But she is not accepting it.