Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The most recent ISIS torture for women

The most recent ISIS torture for women. ISIS acting strange and inhuman torture of women has developed a new way. On news that the newspaper “Bild”, Germany released, Isis in an unusual move your women prisoners tortured by his own invention. The newspaper interviewed a woman named “Batol” which is from the town of Raqqa, Syria and recently has been able to migrate to Europe, has received new information about the methods of torture. “Batol” in an interview with the German newspaper says a charge me for the crime of not wearing the hijab to prison or flogging and the choice between the two means that it called “gas-maker” were mentioned, they were free. I’m very afraid of the whip and the new device had no idea, I chose this way.The more things with my hands now and it’s strange device on the breasts of me. The device, which has very sharp teeth and was a high pressure on the body part of a woman’s breast is closed and is severely under pressure, although the separation of part of the body is possible at any time. “Batol” said I, because of the pain and fear that the complainant was acting on me, I was unconscious and was hospitalized for several days. He adds that many women in prison in the Isis using these methods of torture have been strange.Lons, Insurrance, Mortgage, Attomey, Software, Recovery Credit Lawer Donate Degree Hosting Claim Conference Call Trading Tranfer Gas/Electricity Classes, Rehab, Treatment, Cord insurance price quotes,ca automobile insurance,buy car insurance online, life insurance comparison quotes.